LONDON – A mixed metropolitan city

The first trip of 2018 was to the capital of United Kingdom, London. A must visit city in Europe, and definitely a vibrant place where you get to experience a lot of culture and history. I planned this trip with one of my best friends, and we nearly gave up on it, until one day we find these super cheap tickets, so of course we seize the opportunity.
Thank you Ryanair.

First expression was the airport when we landed, London has over 4 airports!! All maximum an hours drive from the city. The airport we arrived in was super small, but it was still full of life at 2 AM. Copenhagen Airport is dead 2 AM in the morning, so I’m quite surprised at the difference. That’s the difference between a capital city in a small country and then a metropolitan city!

Oxford Street; if you didn’t know what it was, what would you think? I really thought it would be some sort of monument, a museum or just some kind of link to Oxford University/city. However I was pleasantly surprised with a little hint of disappointment. It turned out to be a very famous street with fancy shopping malls and boutiques on each side. We were lucky the christmas decorations were still gracing the streets. Enjoying all these lights and impressions, I started feeling a little stupid of what I thought it would be. Unfortunately Oxford Street is also the place where my phone got stolen, so it’s regrettable to come home and find out all the pictures from that day is gone, however I didn’t let it ruin my trip (it’s just an excuse to get a new phone).

It was only for a few days, but we managed to see a lot. Westminster, Westminster Abby, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, The National Gallery at Trafalgar Square, Borough Market and walking down the Themsen. However it wasn’t enough time to fully be satisfied with London, It never is. How long would that even take? London is definitely a place I’ll visit again.


Until next time may peace be with you

My top 10 Photographs

My top 10 favorite photographs taken by me. As cliché as that may sound, I thought it would be a good idea, to introduce the style of pictures I take. Of course in the future it may change, as this is a learning process for me, however it would be nice to showcase it. For that I’ve chosen 10 pictures, to show you.

10. Hammamat, Tunisa. Views from high places does something to me.


9. Malmö, Sweden. The scenery took me by surprise.


8. Lund, Sweden. Trying to be artistic.


7. Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia. 


6. Hammamat, Tunisia. A speciel someone told me this photograph is the
best one I’ve taken so far. Now I kind of love it too.


5. Hamamat, Tunisia.


4. Versailles, France. This place is so magical to me, that if I could, I would
have chosen all the pictures I took in Versaille in my top 10.
I think an idea is building up in my mind…


3. Viborg, Denmark. You can literally see the contrast between the seasons.


2. Hammamat, Tunisia.


1. Montmartre, France. Can we all just agree that everything in Paris is
marvellous, so of course my favorite pictures of all, are the ones from there.
It is definitely not the last time I’ll be in Paris.


Thanks for reading till the end. If you have comments or advice for improvements, please leave a comment. I would love to hear from my readers.

Until next post, may peace be with you.