Odense, A Fairytale Experience!

As you all probably have figured out from my Instagram posts, I’ve been in Odense lately! Odense is a city located in the center of Fyn, third biggest island in Denmark. Mostly known for the birthplace of the world known writer H. C. Andersen. It’s funny how the places closest to you are the places you rarely or never visit. I only live appr. 150 km away from Odense, but have never been there.
The most important thing I’ve learned so far, is how much humans actually tend to postpone and neglect, what they want to do. Especially when it comes to experiencing new things and get new perspectives, we just push it aside, and say later, later. But until when? If there is something you want to do, and have the time and resources to do it, don’t postpone it. Do it!

I always wanted to go to Odense, it has been in the back of my mind, because it’s so close and I can do it whenever, so it doesn’t really need any planning. Years after, I still haven’t been there. I only got reminded how much I actually wanted to go there when my really good friend from Sweden, sent me a picture taken in Odense. I told her, when she comes visit, we will go no matter what, because postponing it hasn’t done me any good.

I’m definitely happy now that I’ve crossed Odense on my list. It was beautiful, you can’t help but spot the old style that characterizes a danish city.  A lovely day spent walking down the streets, and also the old part of the city. What I was most surprised over is, that in Aarhus, the old part of the city is actually a big open museum, “Den Gamle By” = The Old City. While in Odense, it’s private houses. People still live in them. I wonder how annoying it must be having people walking down the streets and looking into their homes almost every single day.








This was it, for this round! I’ll be strongly back with my next post. Since there is only a few days left of 2017, I’ll be reflecting on what I’ve achieved this year, and set some goals for 2018! If you already have some goals, list them down in a comment. Would really love to hear from all of you!


4 thoughts on “Odense, A Fairytale Experience!

    1. Thank you, I love how you took time out to write this comment! Also I hope you learned something, and maybe ignited something for you to also go experience places that you mat have overseen, because it’s so close to you.


  1. wow! the place is so pretty! I had no idea there was such beautiful place! I am happy to see you had fun there, hopefully I’ll travel on 2018 too! There are many places around here but I never had the chance to go there.

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    1. Oh I hope you do ❤ It's really sad that we dream of going out to see the big world, when in fact the world might just be in your area. If you do, remember to send me pictures 😀 Would love to see the beautiful places near you.


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