Breathtaking Bjelašnica

I’m a citygirl. Not just a ‘normal’ sized city like Aarhus, Copenhagen or Malmö. More like Paris, New York or London. Cities that never sleeps, noise from cars or people at 5 AM, would not bother me. However that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind a days trip to a remote place, where there isn’t that much action, and where the nature dominate.

Car trip to Bjelasnica, was that for me. Bjelasnica is the name of the mountain that is found southwest for Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is a very famous destination by tousrists for hiking or skiing. Most important thing, it was here the 1984 winter olympics were held.

DSC_0133 kopi

Thank God, we managed to rent a car, or else i don’t think we would be able to embark on my favorite experience in Bosnia-Hezegovina. The most memorable thing from this trip, was definitely being carried up the mountain by a chairlift. Were I scared? YES. Fear was literally dripping from my eyes and I held with all my might on the only security there was, the chairs itself. On my way up to the peak, I got more and more scared, and I kept thinking if I could handle the way down, since then the view from the top of the mountain would be more visible. I worried for nothing. As soon as the chairlift turned around, I was stunned. the view was so a breathtaking beautiful.  Pure amazement. Never in my life have I experienced natures extraordinary beauty, where it just take the air out of you, and reminds you how small we people actually are. 

I would have jumped out the chairlift at the peak and take some pictures, but it got so cold up there, and we weren’t prepared for that, we just remained seated. One regret from that day, but oh well, who says I can’t go there again. 

After that we drove to a city hidden deep inside a valley, and there we found a cute little restaurant, where we heated ourself up with a herbal tea. The taste was so new to me, I had to ask what kind of tea it was. turns out it’s a very normal tea, they make from the herbs found on the mountain. Very self sufficient restaurant indeed.

Like a fool, seeing the world for the first time again, that is the description of me that day. the excitement from experiencing that will never be forgotten. It was late autumn, but the colors on the trees were so deep orange, they reminded me of fire. Imagine living in such an environment? For them it’s probably mainstream, like ‘yeah, have you never seen a mountain before?’, but I would probably be the same in Denmark, ‘yeah, have you never seen…’ What speciel things do we have here?  (a little danish joke, sorry).  

Shout out to my friend, Dzenana, for this awesome trip. Let many more trips like this come our way.



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