Sarajevo, the City Between the Mountains

I’m back home and starting to write about Sarajevo, but it suddenly made me feel homesick. This is why people travel I guess. Every new city, brings in very new experiences, but also can make you feel so welcome, that it becomes a temporarily home.  That is what Sarajevo has become to me, a home.
The city is rich on so many things. Rich on history, rich on culture, rich on nature and last but not least, rich in different types of delicious food. I feel like one week is not enough to suck up every little thing Sarajevo has to offer. However, I did try to take in as much as possible, and who knows, I might just return.

First day out, we decided to go to the spring of the Bosna river, the very river the country is named after. Just beneath the enormous mountain of Igman, the river springs, and is integrated with a beautiful park. There is an approximately 3.5 km long trail to the park, and lazy as we are, we took the horse-carriage ride (back and forth), the ride accompanied with the cold dry morning air, really wakes you up and make you feel fresh. The park is so… mind dazzling beautiful. Especially at this time of the year.  Well, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The park is connected to the outskirt part of Sarajevo, Ilidža. This place is a fusion between bosnian and arabic signs all over the place. I kind of dig it.
Actually the name Ilidža, is a turkish word for ‘a medicine or to cure someone’, and it comes from all the miraculous springs surrounding it, which has healed people for over 5000 years ago. Yes, interesting right?

Baščaršija is another part of Sarajevo, which I’ve come to know about. This is Sarajevos cultural and historical center. Everything you need to know is there. The big bazaar is the sole purpose for this place. People have come from far away for over centuries to trade their goods here. However for me it was all the little side streets and the old style of houses that attracted me. It almost feels like going back in time when walking from Sarajevos more modern streets, and into Baščaršija.

I better stop before I make this blog post into a history lesson. One thing I want to mention, is that people here is so friendly. Although a lot of them has actually memories of the horrible war, they still go on with their lifes as positively as possible.
Comparing it with other big capitals in Europe, Sarajevo stands out as having a mosque, a church and a synagog within almost every 500m. People respect and co-live with each other no matter the religion. This is the result of the countless of empires that has been over Sarajevo.

I will end this blog with some random pictures and will return strongly with my second part of my Sarajevo adventure. Until then, may peace be with you all.

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