Preparing a trip to Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

It’s already been a few week since I started, and I started feeling what other bloggers kept talking about, the challenge to blog consistently. Oh the struggle is real! Finding new and interesting stuff, to write about is actually really difficult. It definitely does not make it easier when you are a fulltime student with parttime jobs. However I do believe, if I keep going on, the feeling of accomplishment and succes will come. Now let’s dig in to this weeks subject!

Get ready for a trip!


Bosnia & Herzegovina is my next destination. I’ll be going this week, and what more useful way to use my blog, than to showcase this beautiful country to you.
It will be my second time going to Bosnia, and I’m definitely loving it. Not only is the nature marvellous and outstanding, but walking down the streets of Sarajevo, you will see and feel the history that has been going on in the Balkans the past century. I’m a history lover, so this place is like the holy grail for me. All kind of civilization has been here, and left their traces and marks all over the country.

Actually, I’m originally from Tunisia, but sometimes I feel more Bosnian than anything else. It might be because since childhood I’ve surrounded myself with Bosnian friends (shout out to all of you my dear friends), so this trip definitely feels like i’m going home.

What to prepare for the trip? I actually don’t know. Last time I was there, it was in summertime, but I don’t think it’s going to be so warm this time of the year. I know it gets really cold during the winter, like Siberia cold (- 50 C). probably not in November, but I should be prepared for the worst.
*NOTE: I might have overreacted a little, the temperature is maybe around – 15 C, but for an african person that is Siberia cold!

Of course my number 1 item is my camera! Even if I could only take one thing with me, that would be the one! However knowing myself that could be the very one thing i could forget. Hopefully not, I can’t wait to go through Sarajevo and capture it all.

Since sarajevo is a city of hills, so good boots might come in handy when vanderring through. Although, if you know the destination then might as well take a taxi, easy and cheap.

The main reason for the trip is to visit my best friend of almost 12 years. While she’s interning in a company in Sarajevo, might as well take advantage of the situation and revisit beautiful, astonishing and unforgettable Sarajevo.

So look forward to my next posts. If you’re not subscribed, you can subscribe up in the right corner, then you’re always updated with my post releases. It would mean the world to me. Also don’t forget to share with family and friends ♥

May Peace be with You

20150725_170041 kopi*From my last trip in 2015.



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