LONDON – A mixed metropolitan city

The first trip of 2018 was to the capital of United Kingdom, London. A must visit city in Europe, and definitely a vibrant place where you get to experience a lot of culture and history. I planned this trip with one of my best friends, and we nearly gave up on it, until one day we find these super cheap tickets, so of course we seize the opportunity.
Thank you Ryanair.

First expression was the airport when we landed, London has over 4 airports!! All maximum an hours drive from the city. The airport we arrived in was super small, but it was still full of life at 2 AM. Copenhagen Airport is dead 2 AM in the morning, so I’m quite surprised at the difference. That’s the difference between a capital city in a small country and then a metropolitan city!

Oxford Street; if you didn’t know what it was, what would you think? I really thought it would be some sort of monument, a museum or just some kind of link to Oxford University/city. However I was pleasantly surprised with a little hint of disappointment. It turned out to be a very famous street with fancy shopping malls and boutiques on each side. We were lucky the christmas decorations were still gracing the streets. Enjoying all these lights and impressions, I started feeling a little stupid of what I thought it would be. Unfortunately Oxford Street is also the place where my phone got stolen, so it’s regrettable to come home and find out all the pictures from that day is gone, however I didn’t let it ruin my trip (it’s just an excuse to get a new phone).

It was only for a few days, but we managed to see a lot. Westminster, Westminster Abby, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, The National Gallery at Trafalgar Square, Borough Market and walking down the Themsen. However it wasn’t enough time to fully be satisfied with London, It never is. How long would that even take? London is definitely a place I’ll visit again.


Until next time may peace be with you

Odense, A Fairytale Experience!

As you all probably have figured out from my Instagram posts, I’ve been in Odense lately! Odense is a city located in the center of Fyn, third biggest island in Denmark. Mostly known for the birthplace of the world known writer H. C. Andersen. It’s funny how the places closest to you are the places you rarely or never visit. I only live appr. 150 km away from Odense, but have never been there.
The most important thing I’ve learned so far, is how much humans actually tend to postpone and neglect, what they want to do. Especially when it comes to experiencing new things and get new perspectives, we just push it aside, and say later, later. But until when? If there is something you want to do, and have the time and resources to do it, don’t postpone it. Do it!

I always wanted to go to Odense, it has been in the back of my mind, because it’s so close and I can do it whenever, so it doesn’t really need any planning. Years after, I still haven’t been there. I only got reminded how much I actually wanted to go there when my really good friend from Sweden, sent me a picture taken in Odense. I told her, when she comes visit, we will go no matter what, because postponing it hasn’t done me any good.

I’m definitely happy now that I’ve crossed Odense on my list. It was beautiful, you can’t help but spot the old style that characterizes a danish city.  A lovely day spent walking down the streets, and also the old part of the city. What I was most surprised over is, that in Aarhus, the old part of the city is actually a big open museum, “Den Gamle By” = The Old City. While in Odense, it’s private houses. People still live in them. I wonder how annoying it must be having people walking down the streets and looking into their homes almost every single day.








This was it, for this round! I’ll be strongly back with my next post. Since there is only a few days left of 2017, I’ll be reflecting on what I’ve achieved this year, and set some goals for 2018! If you already have some goals, list them down in a comment. Would really love to hear from all of you!


Meet Glambylamees

I haven’t been blogging for long, so I feel incredibly honored to present you, my very first collaboration with a talented blogger. I present to you; Glambylamees.
Glambylamees runs a fashion/make-up blog, and I’m really excited about it since it’s also my interest . One day she asks me if I would be interested in photographing her for her next blog posts, as nervous and excited I was, I said yes. I wasn’t sure if my amateur skills would be enough for a real photoshoot. However I wanted to challenge myself, and see how far I could go.

The day came, and I was really nervous about it, I was really studying up on it as it was an exam. Surprisingly, the second I met Lamees I felt at ease and really started to enjoy it. She’s an easygoing person, very openminded and full of ideas. I asked if she would be interested in a short interview for my blog, guess what, she said yes! image1

  • Tell me  about yourself. Where are you from: My name is Lamees KG, I am 28 years old from Lebanon, moved to Denmark recently. 
  • Where do you live: I live between Copenhagen and Beirut, Lebanon. 
  • Study: I have a bachelor degree in Business, Finance.
  • What are your interests: I have a huge interest in makeup and in modest fashion.
  • What do you do in your mean time: Reading, coloring  and of course shopping.
  •  Family: My parents and husband. 
  • What is your blog about? My blog is about modest fashion and beauty.
  • Why did you want to start blogging, and how did you start? After I resigned from my job in Lebanon and moved to live in Denmark, I thought that it was the right time to start doing what  I was always passionate about. I discovered my passion for makeup when I started  watching makeup tutorials on a daily basis around 5 years ago, so I began to apply what I learned on my self , and on some friends and family members. When it comes to fashion, I have always been interested to make myself look more fashionable while dressing modestly; and I always hoped to help all hijabi girls to look better and feel more confident about themselves. So I decided to start my blog in order to be able to help girls to be their own stylists and their own makeup artists.
  • Do you have an advice for my readers: My advice for them is to follow their dreams and to stick to what they are passionate about, because by doing so they can enjoy life!

Thank you for the opportunity to meet you and get to know you Lamees!

Most of the pictures are on Glambylamees, so go check them out and leave me a comment, I accept all kind of critics and advice 😀

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Breathtaking Bjelašnica

I’m a citygirl. Not just a ‘normal’ sized city like Aarhus, Copenhagen or Malmö. More like Paris, New York or London. Cities that never sleeps, noise from cars or people at 5 AM, would not bother me. However that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind a days trip to a remote place, where there isn’t that much action, and where the nature dominate.

Car trip to Bjelasnica, was that for me. Bjelasnica is the name of the mountain that is found southwest for Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is a very famous destination by tousrists for hiking or skiing. Most important thing, it was here the 1984 winter olympics were held.

DSC_0133 kopi

Thank God, we managed to rent a car, or else i don’t think we would be able to embark on my favorite experience in Bosnia-Hezegovina. The most memorable thing from this trip, was definitely being carried up the mountain by a chairlift. Were I scared? YES. Fear was literally dripping from my eyes and I held with all my might on the only security there was, the chairs itself. On my way up to the peak, I got more and more scared, and I kept thinking if I could handle the way down, since then the view from the top of the mountain would be more visible. I worried for nothing. As soon as the chairlift turned around, I was stunned. the view was so a breathtaking beautiful.  Pure amazement. Never in my life have I experienced natures extraordinary beauty, where it just take the air out of you, and reminds you how small we people actually are. 

I would have jumped out the chairlift at the peak and take some pictures, but it got so cold up there, and we weren’t prepared for that, we just remained seated. One regret from that day, but oh well, who says I can’t go there again. 

After that we drove to a city hidden deep inside a valley, and there we found a cute little restaurant, where we heated ourself up with a herbal tea. The taste was so new to me, I had to ask what kind of tea it was. turns out it’s a very normal tea, they make from the herbs found on the mountain. Very self sufficient restaurant indeed.

Like a fool, seeing the world for the first time again, that is the description of me that day. the excitement from experiencing that will never be forgotten. It was late autumn, but the colors on the trees were so deep orange, they reminded me of fire. Imagine living in such an environment? For them it’s probably mainstream, like ‘yeah, have you never seen a mountain before?’, but I would probably be the same in Denmark, ‘yeah, have you never seen…’ What speciel things do we have here?  (a little danish joke, sorry).  

Shout out to my friend, Dzenana, for this awesome trip. Let many more trips like this come our way.



Sarajevo, the City Between the Mountains

I’m back home and starting to write about Sarajevo, but it suddenly made me feel homesick. This is why people travel I guess. Every new city, brings in very new experiences, but also can make you feel so welcome, that it becomes a temporarily home.  That is what Sarajevo has become to me, a home.
The city is rich on so many things. Rich on history, rich on culture, rich on nature and last but not least, rich in different types of delicious food. I feel like one week is not enough to suck up every little thing Sarajevo has to offer. However, I did try to take in as much as possible, and who knows, I might just return.

First day out, we decided to go to the spring of the Bosna river, the very river the country is named after. Just beneath the enormous mountain of Igman, the river springs, and is integrated with a beautiful park. There is an approximately 3.5 km long trail to the park, and lazy as we are, we took the horse-carriage ride (back and forth), the ride accompanied with the cold dry morning air, really wakes you up and make you feel fresh. The park is so… mind dazzling beautiful. Especially at this time of the year.  Well, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The park is connected to the outskirt part of Sarajevo, Ilidža. This place is a fusion between bosnian and arabic signs all over the place. I kind of dig it.
Actually the name Ilidža, is a turkish word for ‘a medicine or to cure someone’, and it comes from all the miraculous springs surrounding it, which has healed people for over 5000 years ago. Yes, interesting right?

Baščaršija is another part of Sarajevo, which I’ve come to know about. This is Sarajevos cultural and historical center. Everything you need to know is there. The big bazaar is the sole purpose for this place. People have come from far away for over centuries to trade their goods here. However for me it was all the little side streets and the old style of houses that attracted me. It almost feels like going back in time when walking from Sarajevos more modern streets, and into Baščaršija.

I better stop before I make this blog post into a history lesson. One thing I want to mention, is that people here is so friendly. Although a lot of them has actually memories of the horrible war, they still go on with their lifes as positively as possible.
Comparing it with other big capitals in Europe, Sarajevo stands out as having a mosque, a church and a synagog within almost every 500m. People respect and co-live with each other no matter the religion. This is the result of the countless of empires that has been over Sarajevo.

I will end this blog with some random pictures and will return strongly with my second part of my Sarajevo adventure. Until then, may peace be with you all.

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Preparing a trip to Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

It’s already been a few week since I started, and I started feeling what other bloggers kept talking about, the challenge to blog consistently. Oh the struggle is real! Finding new and interesting stuff, to write about is actually really difficult. It definitely does not make it easier when you are a fulltime student with parttime jobs. However I do believe, if I keep going on, the feeling of accomplishment and succes will come. Now let’s dig in to this weeks subject!

Get ready for a trip!


Bosnia & Herzegovina is my next destination. I’ll be going this week, and what more useful way to use my blog, than to showcase this beautiful country to you.
It will be my second time going to Bosnia, and I’m definitely loving it. Not only is the nature marvellous and outstanding, but walking down the streets of Sarajevo, you will see and feel the history that has been going on in the Balkans the past century. I’m a history lover, so this place is like the holy grail for me. All kind of civilization has been here, and left their traces and marks all over the country.

Actually, I’m originally from Tunisia, but sometimes I feel more Bosnian than anything else. It might be because since childhood I’ve surrounded myself with Bosnian friends (shout out to all of you my dear friends), so this trip definitely feels like i’m going home.

What to prepare for the trip? I actually don’t know. Last time I was there, it was in summertime, but I don’t think it’s going to be so warm this time of the year. I know it gets really cold during the winter, like Siberia cold (- 50 C). probably not in November, but I should be prepared for the worst.
*NOTE: I might have overreacted a little, the temperature is maybe around – 15 C, but for an african person that is Siberia cold!

Of course my number 1 item is my camera! Even if I could only take one thing with me, that would be the one! However knowing myself that could be the very one thing i could forget. Hopefully not, I can’t wait to go through Sarajevo and capture it all.

Since sarajevo is a city of hills, so good boots might come in handy when vanderring through. Although, if you know the destination then might as well take a taxi, easy and cheap.

The main reason for the trip is to visit my best friend of almost 12 years. While she’s interning in a company in Sarajevo, might as well take advantage of the situation and revisit beautiful, astonishing and unforgettable Sarajevo.

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May Peace be with You

20150725_170041 kopi*From my last trip in 2015.



My top 10 Photographs

My top 10 favorite photographs taken by me. As cliché as that may sound, I thought it would be a good idea, to introduce the style of pictures I take. Of course in the future it may change, as this is a learning process for me, however it would be nice to showcase it. For that I’ve chosen 10 pictures, to show you.

10. Hammamat, Tunisa. Views from high places does something to me.


9. Malmö, Sweden. The scenery took me by surprise.


8. Lund, Sweden. Trying to be artistic.


7. Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia. 


6. Hammamat, Tunisia. A speciel someone told me this photograph is the
best one I’ve taken so far. Now I kind of love it too.


5. Hamamat, Tunisia.


4. Versailles, France. This place is so magical to me, that if I could, I would
have chosen all the pictures I took in Versaille in my top 10.
I think an idea is building up in my mind…


3. Viborg, Denmark. You can literally see the contrast between the seasons.


2. Hammamat, Tunisia.


1. Montmartre, France. Can we all just agree that everything in Paris is
marvellous, so of course my favorite pictures of all, are the ones from there.
It is definitely not the last time I’ll be in Paris.


Thanks for reading till the end. If you have comments or advice for improvements, please leave a comment. I would love to hear from my readers.

Until next post, may peace be with you.